Day 7 – The Baths, more sailing, the Kodiak Queen, and dinner at Leverick Bay

The Baths, Virgin Gorda, BVI

We woke up early at Spanish Town and made our way directly to the Baths in hopes if beating the crowds. Even though there were already 6 vessels on hand when we arrived, they were pleasantly uncrowded. Next we traveled north to the Kodiak Queen, the first vessel cleaned up and sunk for SCUBA divers in the BVI by Beyond the Sea. This was followed up by another wonderful meal at Leverick Bay.

Day 6 – Lobster Omelets, Sandy Spit, more great sailing, and Shark Planes

Sharkplaneo at Great Dog, BVI

That sums up our day today! Tipsy Shark cooked up another unbelievable breakfast of lobster omelets for us. Then we weighed anchor and motored over to Sandy Spit, a tiny delightful little sandy Island with six palm trees on it. It took me no more than 10 minutes to walk all the way around the island, another one of my favorite spots here in the BVI. We had a nice little sail from there over to Great Dog and I surprised the crew with a dive on the shark planes. This is some underwater artwork that was installed a few years ago by a group called Beyond The Reef. We’re now cooking up dinner at a mooring ball outside of Spanish Town on Virgin Gorda.

Day 5 – Jost Van Dyke

The Soggy Dollar on Jost Van Dyke, BVI

Our anchorage at JVD was about 26nm sw of Anegada making for a wonderful 4-hour sail to Great Harbor. The mooring field was full so we had to drop an anchor for the evening. We started with Painkillers at the Soggy Dollar, then stopped at the Tipsy Shark where they once again provided a memorable meal! Of course a visit to Foxy’s was the after dinner hot spot, I think we all slept well that night.

Day 4 – Anegada

The Lobster Trap, Anegada, BVI

After a late morning, we took the dinghy to Sunchaser SCUBA for our tank refills, and did a little shopping and provisioning at the Bitter End. Then we departed on our northward journey to Anegada where we had a magnificent dinner at the Lobster Trap! There was also a visit to the wonky dog for drinks and other entertainment. The northbound sail towards Annegada is always cathartic for me because when we leave Virgin Gorda there’s nothing to see in front of us, we’re basically sailing off to the end of the world, it’s wonderful!

Day 3 – Diamond Reef, lots of sailing and a visit to the Bitter End Yacht Club

The Bitter End

After waiting for some vessel repairs, we made our way over to Diamond Reef on Great Camanoe near Scrub Island.  We found all sorts of interesting things including an old outboard motor.  Following our dive, we decided that some sailing was needed and took the long way home to the Bitter End Yacht Club in the North Sound on Virgin Gorda.  The Lobster Pizza was quite delightful!

Day 2 – The Caves, The Indians, and Cooper Island

Nudibranch at the Caves on Norman Island

We started the day a bit later than expected, motoring over to the Caves on Norman Island around 10:30.. After an extended snorkel, we did a drive by at the Willy T, but didn’t stop for drinks as we had plans for a SCUBA dive at the Indians. Following the dive we wandered over to Cooper Island for a fantastic meal and a visit you the Rum Bar. They were a little short in their selections this week with only ~325 options. Good times were had followed by some much needed sleep!

Day 1 – Departing the dock and Norman Island.

Elkhorn Coral at the Sandy Ledges in Privateer Cove, Norman Island

Finally, after provisioning the vessel and attending to some minor issues, we left the dock at Road Town around 14:00. We got some wonderful sailing in, arriving at Privateer Bay on Norman Island around 16:30. There was a turtle hanging around at the mooring ball when we arrived! We grabbed some snacks then hit the water for a fantastic, shallow SCUBA dive at the Sandy Ledges. Lots of interesting critters including lobster, brittle starfish, and beautiful coral! We finished the evening off watching Captain Ron on deck and watching the tarpon feed in the light off of the back of the boat!

Travel day

The Atlantic from the air

Whew, that was a long exhausting day. In order to catch my 05:00 flight, I had to leave Ripple before 02:00. 17 hours later, we were finally aboard Windfall, the 45′ Beneteau that will be our home for the next 10 days. The water down here is so beautiful, I’m in my happy place!

Fair Weather!

Good news, the current forecast show no problems in the Atlantic, Caribbean, or Gulf of Mexico through June 28!

We’ll keep a sharp eye out for any changes, looking forward to another wonderful adventure!