Late Start

We had real Maryland crab cakes at The Pier last night, they were amazing.  All crab and no filling!  And these are nothing like the bread cakes with a couple of pieces of crab in it that I was familiar with. If you’re ever in Maryland, GET THE CRAB CAKES!  And furthermore, is your own Solomons Island. Get them at the Pier, across the street from the Solomons Island Yacht Club.  It was fantastic!

We had to wait for the fuel dock to open so we were a little late getting underway today.  We topped off the tanks. Picked up some ice having even a couple of screws to repair a damaged piece of wood.

Today’s destination is the Rappahannock River, about 55 mi down the Chesapeake from Solomons Island.  The forecast calls for about 10 knot winds out of the WNW, should be perfect sailing conditions for our course.