Directions and Boat Rules

Sail and Ski Marina
16406 Stewart Rd
Austin, TX 78734

Dock E
Slip 5

Drive past the Members Only, no Trailer Parking sign and look for DOCK E, it’s the second dock inside the fence on the right.

Third slip on the right.
Look for the Grateful Dead flag.

Proof of Covid-19 vaccination is required for all crew/passengers. Masks are not required above deck or while sailing. I am comfortable with letting the wind keep our personal breathing air space safe and clean.

Some boat rules that make it easier for everyone:
Barefoot is best, or LIGHT COLORED SOFT SOLED shoes if you must.
Please bring your own towel if you think you may be swimming.
Ripple carries over 100 gallons of potable water, there is no need to bring any more on board.
Water/drink glasses/bottles that will fit into your car drink holders are best!
If you want any snacks or drinks (other than water) please bring it yourself. No RED wine please, it stains the white fiberglass rather quickly when spilled.
If you lather up with sunscreen please (a)lather up on the dock, (b)when below decks, sit on your towel and not the upholstery.
Please use the restroom at the Marina before we head out if possible – for storage and pumpout reasons…

By Texas law, ALL children 13 years old and younger MUST wear USCG approved life preservers whenever the vessel is not docked or anchored.

Ripple is a LNT vessel, please take all of your empties and trash off of the boat and to the dumpster when returning to shore.

!!! Any trash, litter, CIGARETTE BUTTS intentionally being thrown into the water will result in a direct return to the dock and the end of the sail !!!

Have Fun!