S/V Ripple is available for charters/rentals of any length. There is no need for any sailing knowledge, as your Captain I will adjust things to make your time on the water as enjoyable as possible. You are welcome to grab the lines and be a part of the sailing experience, or simply relax on deck and enjoy the experience.

While sails of any length are available, Gilligans Island has taught me that 3 hour tours are optimal.  Sails can be done with 2 hour, 3 hour, half day, full day, and overnight options available to provide plenty of time to visit and enjoy the hot spots on the lake.

Lake Travis sunsets are spectacular, and a wonderful way to finish off the day, or start off the evening.

Sunset through the blocks

Team Building
Nothing beats spending a day on the water for up to 6 co-workers to learn to work together. Taking on tasks and co-operating together creates a feeling of unity and trust. Bring your team out for a day on Ripple and bond together as a crew.

Port sunset

Clear dark skies on the water are perfect for observing meteor showers, the Milky Way,  and constellations.

Ripple maintains a full compliment of life preservers. We also have multiple swim noodles/floaties aboard. 104 gallons of drinking water is provided from the onboard tanks.  Unless discussed otherwise, EVERYTHING else is BYO – Bring Your Own.

Rafting up after the “Hunt”

Ripple has an open cockpit providing for easy entry and exit from the water.  Swimming/floating may be done anchored in one of many calm secluded coves, or on the open water in the middle of the lake.  Ripple has oodles of noodles and a few floating chairs for your in the water enjoyment.  Please bring your own towels if you think you may be jumping in the water.

Children of all ages are welcome aboard Ripple.  Texas and Coast Guard laws require that ALL children under the age of 13 to wear a properly sized USCG life preserver whenever the vessel is moving.  Ripple has some USCG approved children’s life preservers on board, please communicate with me in advance to ensure that we have properly sized life preservers for your children’s safety.

Dining Options
Catered meals are available, either prepared in advance and self served, or cooked on board and served to you by one of several qualified chefs.  Our chefs are able to customize meals to meet any dietary needs that you desire.

Shuttle and pickup services
There are also several restaurants on the water that we can transport you to and from.  The Sundancer Grill is located at the marina, Captain Petes is about 30 minutes away, and the Canyon Grille is around a 45 minute sail from the dock each direction.  We can easily transport you to and from your dinner.  Also, we can pick you up at any of these locations for a surprise sail to make the evening/afternoon a special one.