Solomons Island

Look Flowers!

Well, The weather forecast was accurate. We had a wonderful early morning motoring down the Chesapeake making good way in extremely calm seas.  Around noon the wind picked up and hammered us for the rest of the day.

We decided to duck out and grab safe harbor on Solomons Island for the evening. Winds tomorrow should be quite nice, 5 to 10 knots out of the due West. It should be perfect sailing weather.

We should be in Norfolk on Tuesday.


We have teamed up with two other boats from our group and are heading almost due south together. Shortly before this shift started, we hit the doldrums and progress has slowed tremendously.

It’s a beautiful, clear day, there’s just not enough wind for sailboats.

1400-17:30 Warmer Weather

The Gulfstream not only brought us further south but also brought warmer temps along with it. With the water from the gulfstream coming straight up from the Gulf of Mexico. It’s much warmer now than it was yesterday. I’m actually wearing shorts today!

00:00-04:30 Boat Speed

We finally caught the Gulf Stream and with the assistance of that current I actually saw 17 and 1/2 knot speeds from the boat! At this location there’s a bend in the current and we rode that wave a considerable distance southbound towards our goal!