180620 How deep is that water?

Anegada mooring field

We motored from Leverick Bay to The Bitter End to pick up our freshly filled SCUBA tanks, then hoisted the sails and departed Virgin Gorda settine course across open water for Anegada. There’s something about aiming for the horizon with no land to guide you, a very zen moment for me.

As planned, ~3.5 hours later we were passing the channel at Anegada, this is where things turned. We wanted to get a dive in so we sailed past the channel to find a protected spot on the NW side of the island. An hour later, we discovered that all of the balls in this area were for dingies and much smaller craft than our sailboat. We decided that the safest course of action would be to head to port and sort things out.

On arriving at the anchorage in Anegada, we headed for one of the mooring balls close to shore. I had been informed by a VERY capable and knowledgable friend that he had found the ones closer to shore had a little more water under them. Well….. We promptly grounded and with the prevailing winds we quickly found ourselves in a situation that required 6 dinghies to pull/push/drag us to deeper water. After that debacle, we secured to a mooring ball and decided it was time to start drinking.

The chart above was our course in the dinghy where we tried to deliver beer to everyone that helped us out.

I have now been granted the honarary title of Captain Run Aground!

Leverick Bay>Anegada

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