180619 Kodiak Queen and stormy weather

Leverick Bay

We woke up early and motored to port in Spanish Town to refill the SCUBA tanks and top off our boat tanks. They were disappointed when we only needed 5.5g of diesel. That and our 50g of water will probably be their smallest transaction of the month.

Headed north under sail to Long Bay on the northwest side of  Virgin Gorda in search of the Kodiak Queen. The Kodiak Queen was a US Navy fueling vessel that survived the attack on Pearl Harbor.

For our first dive, we dropped to the bottom @ 55′ and headed away from shore, did not find the wreck, but had a lot of fun swimming the reef.

We moved to another mooring ball, cooked up some breakfast and rested. After a nice surface interval, we dropped right onto the Kodiak Queen. Wonderful dive, the boat is in great shape, lots of doors and hatches to poke our heads in and look around.

Weather was looking ugly so we headed into Leverick Bay for a mooring ball. Big storm hit just after we entered the lagoon, heavy rain, lightning and big winds. We motored through it and Shelby picked up the mooring ball with ease, all of the boats surrounding us were impressed!  The Restaurant at Leverick Bay served us the best meal we have had so far.

Spanish Town>Leverick Bay

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