180616 finally on board and out on the water!

On the mooring ball off of Norman Island

For some unexplainable reason we are in good spirits and not hungover. We checked out of the Hummingbird House and went directly to Sunsail to make sure that everything was ready for our noon pick up. First we were informed that they couldn’t find our reservation, I reminded them that they were able to find the reservation yesterday and the day before when I checked in with them to make sure nothing went wrong today. Finally the employee behind the counter said yes here’s your reservation, come back at 6 we’ll have the boat for you then. I then had to inform Sunsail that we had paid extra to be able to board the boat at noon so we could start sailing today. After picking up a couple of cases of beer and lunch, Sunsail was ready for us to board and inspect the vessel – Lady Meta. There were problems.

1> The automatic bilge pump didn’t work, I was able to determine that the power wire had become disconnected and demanded that they get somebody to fix it before we left the dock, or hand me a crimper and a butt splice so that I could fix it myself.

2> There was no chart on the vessel

3> There was no emergency tiller

4> The fuel tank was not full.

After a run to the grocery store, Sunsail had resolved all but topping off the fuel tank. When the fuel tank was full we promptly left the harbor and set sail for Norman Island arriving just before sunset. We took the RIB to Pirates Bight for marvelous meal, returning to Lady Meta in pitch dark with a new waning crescent moon. I realized that this was the fourth day of my vacation and the first time I’ve set my foot in sand. Once back onboard we dropped a fishing light in the water and watch the tuna swim through and feed for a while. After killing the white light we were able to see the biolumenescent organisms in the water and played with them for a bit. Then I decided it’s time for me to update the website before I forget the details and now that I’ve done that I’m off for some badly-needed sleep. Lots of sailing and scuba diving planned for tomorrow.

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