180615 Drinking and a little bit of adulting on Tortola

We slept in and started the day off easily, checking in with both Sunsail and SC divers to make sure that everything was still in place. Once we were confident with that we took off to wander through town and made our obligatory stop at Pussers bar for a painkiller, a much better drink than I expected. We only have the two shot version because we had some adulting to do at 4pm with a sailboat briefing at Sunsail. After the briefing was finished, we decided we have had enough adulting and headed back to the Watering Hole, it was pizza night and we made many new friends. Once We were sufficiently liquored-up we decided it was time for us to head home. Somehow we found ourselves back at Pussers bar ordering the big painkiller, containing 8 shots of rum to finish off the night.