Wednesday 18:00 – 20:00 dog watch

The Lia Jane from Grand Isle, LA

Well… It’s been a trying day. Shortly after sunrise, I contacted a nearby tug boat who informed me that the marina at Grand Isle would be an easy access location to top off the fuel and water. On arriving, we find that the diesel dock was closed for repairs and that the only other fuel dock on the island that is deep enough for a sailboat is set up for work boats that are purchasing 4-5000 gallons at a time. They were kind enough to sell us 19 gallons to top off our tank so that we can safely make it to Galveston if the wind stays flakey like it has been.

Tons of dolphins playing in the bayou, but they were fairly camera shy.

We are back in the gulf now, about 2 miles offshore in 30′ of water motorsailing our way home. With both the motor and the light winds we are making an easy 7.5-8 kts. At this rate we should be in Galveston Friday morning!

Lots of oil rigs out here, there are at least 75 visible from our location. We’ll have to keep our eyes open tonight.

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