Stormy weather!

After a mostly calm day, we had a little storm hit Austin and Lake Travis around 18:30 on May 28, the regular Memorial Day weekend storm for the area. I recorded a maximum true wind speed at the top of the mast of 70.3kts, that’s 80.845mph for you landlubbers!

Ripple handled it like the seaworthy vessel that she is, the only damage was when my Berkey water filter fell across the galley as the boat was on quite a heel! Luckily, Berkey is having a sale on replacement parts this weekend!

Dock F appeared to drag it’s anchors and actually kissed dock E. Luckily I am hearing no reports of damage to boats or people. The crew here at Sail and Ski Yacht Club was on the job immediately after the wind died down putting everything back in place and had everything ready for the Memorial Day weekend by daybreak.