Scrub Island, Coral Garden and Jost Van Dyke

Basket Starfish at Scrub Island

Taking advantage of the facilities at Scrub Island we took the shuttle over to the beach at North Bay. It was magnificent, we had the whole beach all to ourselves,

We left Scrub Island shortly after noon and headed over to Great Dog for a very pleasant dive and snorkel around the Coral Garden. We picked up the wrong mooring ball to find the shark planes but enjoyed a wonderful dive nonetheless.

After threading our way through a heavy rainstorm, we arrived at Jost Van Dyke a little to late to make it to the Soggy Dollar so we stayed in the Great Harbor. The Tipsy Shark provided the best meal that any of us have had in years. The king fish was fresh and cooked to perfection, and the presentation was impeccable.

We finished the evening off with some drinks at Foxy’s where the girls were able to cut the rug with Foxy himself.