Lemurs, Gumptions Nature Experience, and Anegada

All of the mooring balls were taken so we had to anchor at Necker Island.  Gumption showed us all of the fun stuff.  We played with 79 year old tortugas, fed a flamboyant of Flamingos,  and were let loose in a cage with a conspiracy of Lemurs.  The tortuga recently successfully reproduced, this is the first captive reproduction of these turtles outside of the Galapagos Islands. There were even several month old baby lemurs.  A storm came up during our experience, so Gumption took us into Richard Bransons old office to wait out the storm.

We waited out another storm on the hook, then weighed anchor to set sail for Anegada.  There’s something special about sailing off to the horizon that makes this sail so special to me.