Day 9 – The Wreck of the Rhone, a night dive at the Caves and the Willy T

Basket Starfish at the Wreck of the HMS Rhone, Salt Cay, BVI

Always a wonderful dive, the Wreck of the RMS Rhone never disappoints. There were some delightful, unexpected surprises this time. At the beginning of the dive, on our way to the wreck, I was lucky enough to find a basket starfish wrapped up in coral for the day. At night, these unfold into almost a foot diameter net and filter feed for the evenings. We visited all 3 sections of the Rhone and were inspected by a ~5-6′ nurse shark. What a wonderful treat for Pam on her FIRST dive trip! We had intended to do a night dive at the Sandy Ledges, but ½ of the mooring balls were out of service so we did our night dive at the Caves instead. After returning to the boat, we cleaned up and took the dinghy over to the Willy T for some fantastic Tuna and more drinks than we really needed!