180624 Ferry to Charlotte Amalie

Lots of packing and a quick trip to the ferry landing, since we were early we hopped into a taxi and took a ride around the island and up into the hills.  It was really nice to see the views from the tops of the mountains, and all of the rebuilding that was in progress.
A quick ~45 minute ferry ride later, we were in Charlotte Amalie and walked over to the Bunker Hill Hotel.  Since it was Sunday most everything was closed so we hit the street market then the Green House for some Bang Bang Calamari for lunch.  While there we popped into the back room where they have ~12 slot machines.  30 minutes later, I was the big winner with a $32 jackpot.  This put us up $7.50 and we decided that it was time to quit while we were still winners.
Dinner was at the Pie Hole again, good Belgian ales and a great linguine alfredo with shrimp.

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