180622 Jost, Playgrounds, Indians, and the Willy T

Customs Pier, Sandy Cay, Jost Van Dyke

We took the SCUBA tanks ashore for refill and wandered around town while they were handling it.  One of the tanks has a stripped valve and was problematic, with the tools at the shop we were able to get it working well enough for one more dive.  Paul at Jost Van Dyke SCUBA was very helpful and pointed us to the Playground, a dive site that I had looked at but thought would be too deep for a new diver.
With the local information, we headed to the Green Cay on the eastern end of JVD for a fantastic dive.  LOTS of sea life, and no one else anywhere near us.  Near the end of the dive we found big schools of minnows and a handful of barracuda chilling about 20′ below the surface.
Then we set the sails for a route through the Thatch Island Cut on the way to Pelican Island and the Indians again.
The Indians were even better than Rainbow Canyons and it was nice to finish with a last dive only a few feet from the first dive of the trip.  This marked a complete circumnavigation of Tortola.  I was able to get the 360° camera working for this dive lots of pics were taken.
We cast off the ball and headed to Peter Island and the Willy T for one last night.  And, YES, we jumped off upper deck of the Willy T in the proper attire.

Jost Van Dyke>Peter

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