190907 Boat orientation and setting sail

We started the day with an island rainshower just before the orientation @ 9am. As expected there were a couple of items that needed to be fixed before we set sail. Captain Morgan came to our rescue and showed us where everything is on the boat and made sure things were fixed.

After a wonderful breakfast at the French Deli we picked up some beer and wine for our after SCUBA beverages.

Dropping a light in the water at sunset ensured that we had a lot of fish action around the back of the boat, mostly yellow fin tuna.

We left the Sunsail base around 3:30 and slowly made our way to Norman Island for an exceptional snorkel at the Caves!

Road Town>Norman Island

190906 Travel Day

Obligatory painkillers at Pussers

Oof, I hate these 5:30 departures from ABIA. In order to get to the airport 2 hours before my flight I had to leave Ripple @ 2:45am. Caught up with Eric in St. Thomas and had a wonderful stuffed lobster at the Green House and won $3 at the slot machines! Lori met us at the ferry landing and we took the 4:15 to Road Town.

We arrived at the Sunsail base at 6 and walked straight onto Ananda, a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 479 (47′ monohull sailboat) that will be our home for the duration.

After putting our luggage away, we wandered over to the Rite Way to provision the boat. That took about 2 hours to shop and stow all the groceries securely.

Once the boat was shipshape we made our obligatory trip to Pussers for a painkiller. Sleep came early and deep!

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…

My duffle bag is filled to capacity with SCUBA gear and supplies for PAWS, the local BVI Animal Rescue group. With the exception of a tropical wave off the coast of Africa near the Cape Verde Islands all of the weather seems to be moving away from the BVI. We’re hoping this means that we will have some optimal weather for sailing, SCUBA, and snorkeling next week! Going to try to catch a few hours of sleep before I leave for the airport at 2:45am.

Packing and last minute preparations

We have been watching the weather closely, and current indications show all of the storms moving away from the Virgin Islands, so it looks like this trip is a go! It’s time to load up the suitcase and find a ride to the airport. I’m filling all of the extra space in my suitcase with carriers for the local animal shelter, PAWS. They use these carriers to transport animals back to the States for adoption. My heart it’s what everyone in the Bahamas and also In Harm’s Way that are being devastated by Hurricane Dorian. Please do what you can to help these people recover.

Hurricane updates

Dorian passed over the Virgin Islands stronger than expected as a Category 1 hurricane. While every storm presents danger, this was relatively mild by hurricane standards, and the Virgin Islands made it through with minor damage.

My thoughts are with anyone in harms way of this now MAJOR storm. If you are in the path of Hurricane Dorian EVACUATE NOW before it’s too late!

The concerns to our trip at present are:
1> Hurricane Dorian causing the Miami airport to close preventing us from travelling to the BVI
2> the disturbance forming off the coast of Africa in the Eastern Atlantic

We will be watching both of these events closely before we board an airplane and head south to the islands.

For more weather related information please check out the NOAA National Hurricane Center www site.


Dorian has become a hurricane today, blasting the BVI with sustained winds of 85mph, and gusts to 110mph. Our current plan is to wait until things settle down in the BVI and see how bad the conditions are on Thursday or Friday before making any decisions on our upcoming travel plans. At present it appears that the eye of Hurricanee Dorian has passed over to the north side of Puerto Rico and the weather should begin easing soon. This is still a very dangerous time and I suspect that there will be damage My only hope is that there will be no loss of life and that damage to property will be minimal. My thoughts are with anyone in harms way during this stressful and dangerous time.