We spent the day waiting for our provisions and critical safety gear. Currently we’re being promised that the EPIRB will arrive tomorrow. There’s a chance that I may end up driving to Providence to pick one up at the West Marine there.

We finished off our stay in Jamestown with a wonderful meal at Beeches, the lobster bisque and swordfish steak were exceptional!

Casting Off

The EPIRB finally showed up so we finally cast off and set the sails around 14:00. We sailed rather closely to this ship shipping ship well setting our sails and headed off for the deep blue sea.

Provisioning and Preparations

Another cold wet day here on the Narragansett. It’s a Monday so everything is closed. We’re knocking out some last items so that Nauti Intentions will be ready to embark with a good weather outlook Wednesday.

Rainy Day on the Narragansett Bay

It’s a cold wet, miserable day here on the Narragansett Bay today. So, we’re spending the day provisioning and preparing the vessel for our journey.

Across the bay, we were able to watch a ship shipping ship load ships for transport to points unknown!

Travel Day

After an early morning start the day filled in quite nicely. I had a 3-hour layover in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was lucky enough to find the Aggie game on the TV in a bar near my gate!

I landed in Providence around 2:30 and was on the boat in Jamestown Harbour by 3: 00pm.

Nauti Intentions is just as lovely as I hoped she would be, a beautiful 45 ft catamaran and marvelous condition!

Packing Day!

Tomorrow is the travel day. I had planned to pack early this week, but a last minute wiring job came up and I was swamped with that all week long. Soooo, here I am packing at the last minute for a 1600+nm delivery.

Luckily, I already have everything that I need for this adventure so there was nothing to purchase, the only problem I see is I can’t find my 12v charger for my marine radio handheld. I’m off to storage to dig through bags and boxes in search of it.

Rhode Island to British Virgin Islands delivery

I’ve secured a spot on a wonderful boat for nice delivery. Nauti Intentions, a Fountaine Pajot, Elba 45 is a 2003 45′ catamaran and is currently used by a sailing school in Rhode Island for instruction and chartering services during the summer, and they want to use it over the winter in the BVI. That’s where I come in, with a crew of seasoned sailors, we can SAFELY deliver the vessel to the chosen destination.

Looking at the charts, this passage is 1652 nautical miles, I’m estimating ~2000nm with variations for winds and currents. With perfect conditions, this trip could take as little as 9 days, we are planning on ~14 days, and provisioning for ~20 days.

Currently, Hurricane Tammy is playing around in the central Atlantic, we are closely watching her and paying close attention to sea conditions.