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  1. I enjoyed Scott’s company as much as the sail itself. His clear competence at handling the boat made for an exciting sail, and the boat itself is clean, spacious and comfortable. You’ll enjoy yourselves aboard Ripple!

  2. We had a lovely weekend sailing experience with a few friends and Scott. The weather was perfect, we toured and dined on the lake, got in some swimming and watched a couple of glorious sunsets. Ripple was very comfortable and has all the amenities needed for a safe and luxurious cruise. It was easy to relax and enjoy ourselves.

  3. Having sailed w/ Scott several times w/ friends & my family, has always been an amazing experience! Scott is a consummate professional, friend, and gracious host. Ripple is a beautiful boat and the skipper has greatly help improve my knowledge of sailing. Thank you Scott for past trips on the water, and for future trips we look forward to!

  4. Sailing aboard Ripple has been a custom experience each and every time. From learning to snorkel to anchoring the boat for sunset dinner, I can’t say I’ve ever had anything other than a fantastic time sailing with Scott. Any element that interests you: learning the lines; digital (and more old-school) navigation techniques and map skills; cooking food either in the kitchen or grilling on deck; photography in and around Lake Travis and beyond; mechanics of the boat and prep pre and post journey – Scott’s a fun individual to learn from. I’m definitely excited for my next opportunity to sail Ripple!

  5. I wish I could show you all a photo/video of how much fun my son (age 10) had! A joyful experience! If you have children who are interested in learning anything about sailing. Scott is amazing! They will have to keep up, as Scott is an expert who is swift with the instruction. When you are sailing the high seas, a swift understanding is life-saving. If you are like me: a 42 year old emo mom with a bit of a Sarah Conner complex, then you’ll love this sailboat cruise across Lake Travis! (Actually anyone with a kid would enjoy this, I”m just describing myself now that I think about it.)

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